I cannot say enough wonderful things about working with Dr. Scott.  I reached out to him because I was having issues with my hormones and at 33 was ready to get off of birth control.  I was in really bad shape.  Hair was falling out, no energy and high stress levels.  After 4 months working with him I can honestly say that I have never felt better in my entire life.  Even after the first month I could feel a difference.  I feel like a whole new person with tons of energy, my skin looks amazing, hair has stopped falling out, no more moodiness as well.  I really appreciate that he's thorough and explains everything in fine detail.  If I have any questions he is readily available and answers quickly.  I can honestly say that working with Dr. Scott has changed my life in such a positive way.  I don't know what I would do without him and I cannot recommend him enough.

~ Karla L. 29. Haverhill, MA

Dr. Scott is an abundant source for natural nutrition and how the body can maintain and heal itself. I have been seeking his expertise and treatment for six years. Months after being treated for bronchitis in May of 2010 with antibiotics, corticosteroids and albuterol treatments, I was lethargic and totally depleted of energy.  After every test from my primary care doctor came back negative, (except for seriously low Vitamin D levels and receiving treatment for it),  I sought Dr. Scott’s advice and care.  My symptoms and history gave him what he needed to administer tests.  An Adrenal Stress Index test revealed I was suffering from adrenal fatigue, something my primary care doctor could not diagnose.  My adrenal glands were depleted from stress and the corticosteroids medication.  Dr. Scott placed me on a natural supplementation program, offered a change in food diet, and suggested a less strenuous, more moderate exercise to help combat my adrenal fatigue.    The results of this program made me more aware of nutrition and relieving life’s stresses.  I maintain my regimen of good nutrition and supplements for optimal health.  I am grateful that Dr. Scott has supported my continuous journey to lead a natural and healthy life. 

~ Allison P.  45 Grafton, MA

I had been searching for a Naturopath for about a year when I finally found Doc Bob Scott. I had seen two of my teachers and coaches transform. It seemed as if they had shed 10 years of their age. I saw their bodies transform they looked younger, fitter and more vibrant. I had been asking around for who they had worked with and they mentioned Doc Bob Scott. I myself had been going through fertility issues for two years. I had also been struggling with weight gain no matter how hard I exercised when I did have the energy. The doctors tried it all and when I had adverse and abnormal reactions to the medicine and treatments they put me on they simple brushed me off or ignored me! After going through the process of Invitro Fertilization and having it fail I was at the lowest point of my life. I was practically 200 pounds when I normally weigh about 150. I was tired, depressed some days never getting out of bed. When my hair started falling out by the handful I finally called Doc Bob. He was so kind and understanding! I was slightly embarrassed by all of my problems but I never once felt judged. All of my concerns were not only addressed but he took the time to explain how each Standard Process supplement he would potential put me on worked and what it would do for me, in terms I could understand. I started to transform just like my teachers had. I went from looking like a dumpy 40 year old to the lean and fit me I have always known myself to be! Once I buckled down and started following his diet recommendations I had even better results. My cases is complicated because I have Hashimoto’s and a Goiter these two thyroid issues contradict each other but he knew how to handle each of them. My goiter was so large I wore scarfs all the time to hide it and now it's barely visible.  I knew it could be shrunk naturally but the doctors kept insisting that I have half of my thyroid removed!  

After searching for an endocrinologist that had a more holistic approach Doc Bob's Naturopathic approach finally got some recognition.  The endocrinologists even said Doc Bob's approach was brilliant.  Now I can see the light at the end of the tunnel with Doc Bob's treatments.  

I feel younger and healthier at 40 than I have ever felt in my life.  What's even better is I feel respected and heard by my health care professional Doc Bob Scott.  

~Claudia M. 43 Arlington, MA

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